Tuesday, December 2, 2008


first semester is coming to an end. There is so much to learn and improve, it's really motivating. Here are some of my last figure drawing, mainly gestures.


Ramez said...

Cool figure drawings maaan.
I like the ones with the harder lines but they're all cool.

Are you going to Ringling? I checked out your profile and it says you're in sarasota. If you are hows it working out?

Tal Rachmin said...

you've been improving like a madman dude, everything looks so nice!

Uri Lotan said...

thanks a bunch Tal! :)

How are things going over there? time of your life! when are you heading back home?

Ramez, Yup I am going to Ringling, so far so good.. it's a really great place, next semester we finally get to animate :)

Anonymous said...