Monday, September 15, 2008

Lada ( Facial project).

Lada is a very old project I never got to finish.
he went from one software to another, right now he's fully
rigged & shader in Maya, hopefully in the near time i'll finally
get to animate him :)

Here is a Blend shape test:

Right Click and Save as (Quicktime).


Brendan Carroll said...

Looks really good! I'd probably relax the mouth when it opens a bit more, lose volume on either sides of the mouth so it maintains it when it stretches.

With all that said your work is excellent! I'm excited to see what you'll do in sophomore year :)

Liron Topaz said...

That's really cool, but where's the lip sync animation?

Something bothers me about the structure of the face in the blend shapes, i think areas that are hard are moving too softly. Like the brow ridge is a bone, but bend and stretch, and so does the jaw. Its hard to get these things in a realistic model, and keep it authentic. But don't get this the wrong way.. I think you did a fantastic job,I can't believe you are doing this before you even started CA. Now where's the animation?

Pavel Vilensky said...

Uri ma kore? Remember Pavel? :)
So how's the study?
Karen told you that i took your place at Geronimo? :P
Write something when you have some time. Btw the texturing on that guy looks really cool.

uri said...

hey guys thanks a lot for the replies. I know there are some issues with the rig, indeed not there yet, gotta refine it to really make it believable, hopefully will find some time for that soon enough.

Pavel, that's great, small world, so you're working in Geronimo now? Great place, enjoying yourself? any interesting projects done lately? about me, school is going well, lot's of fun and a lot of new and engaging things. got A lot to learn and improve. Send dash to Karen and all the other guys.

Anonymous said...