Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little me

Summer seems to be heading our direction. exciting!

I don't have as much hair now, sadly.. but life goes on.
there should be some Animation of this guy pretty soon :D


Betsy Bauer said...

Uri! How did you get in the computer? LIFE IS SO CONFUSING

Adam Goldstein said...

Hey it's been a long while! I just went over your blog and man, your improvement is astounding. I clearly remember a guy telling everyone he can't draw... You certainly made the best of the last couple of years. Sad to hear about the hair. At least I'm not the only one balding. Keep up the good work (by the way, it's fantastic)


Israel said...

Hey Uri,
It's been years since we talked, It's Israel if you remember.

I have to say that your progression
is very much inspiring. You already
have been very talented, and now, you are really blooming.

Keep up the good work, and hope to see lots of it.

Shabat Shalom,